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Infrared Thermal Imaging with every Home Inspection at NO extra cost.

Canadian Property Inspections is one of the few Home Inspection companies that utilizes Infrared Thermal Imaging (ITI) Technology. In fact, less than 5% of the home inspection industry uses ITI technology but it offers substantial benefits. Along with our industry leading standard inspection services, the use of ITI allows us to offer you significant advantages over typical inspection companies. The moisture, insulation, and electrical problems we find using ITI can save you hundreds, or thousands of dollars per year. Moisture problems can lead to mold growth, causing a health hazard; missing or poor insulation allows energy loss and contributes to high energy bills; and electrical problems can be a serious safety concern. ITI allows us to do more to protect your health, safety, and financial well being.

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Missing insulation
During an inspection at a home with a finished basement, I was wondering why the home owner had 4 cold air returns (only 1 was needed). After a scan of the basement I was able to determine that they were trying to compensate for the cool basement temperature. The Thermal camera was able to see that there was no insulation on the lower half of the concrete foundation wall behind the finished drywall. This basement also had a higher level of dampness.
This is a picture of a ceiling in a 2nd level bedroom. The home owner said that this room is always cool and they have to use an electric portable heater. I was able to find out why. There is missing insulation in the attic at this area resulting in heat loss, a cooler bedroom and higher heating costs.
Here is a picture of a skylight. Look at the light yellow colour around the inside of the skylight. There is no insulation wrapped round the framework of the skylight. This results in major heat loss and higher heating costs.
This homeowner didn't know why the main floor powder bathroom water pipes would freeze in the winter. The Thermal camera shows the pedestal sink and behind it..NO INSULATION on the exterior wall. The dark colour is colder and only 13.1 degrees C.
Pictures with Thermal Imaging
Water Damage
This is water damage that was not visible to the eye. The Thermal camera easily detected this water damage and the buyers were very happy finding out this information. The sellers corrected the problem.
Heat Loss
This is a corner of a finished basement. There was an extreme temperature difference making the basement cold.
Various Pictures
New Home
This home was 1.5 yrs old. A scan of a room showed heat coming from the floor. Further investigation revealed that there was a heat register underneath the carpet. It was never cutout when the carpet was installed. This was a total shock to the home owner. No wonder that room's temperature was cooler.
Electrical Fuse box
The Infrared Thermal camera has amazing power. Here is a picture of a fuse overheating.